Highlighting the need for essential screening services for the community, RaSTA Foundation organised a Two-Day Free Health Check-Up Camp for local residents by providing essential health services, consultation, and free medicine; No registration fees were charged.

We provided over 140 people were with services they may have otherwise not accessed. Screening Check-Ups are often not feasible for families with time and monetary constraints, so we aimed to bring the services of Health Check-Ups to the community doorsteps. Women were provided with an auxiliary Breast-Exam screening rooms with individual attention given to persons attending the camp. Free medicine was distributed with advice.

We covered minor medical ailments as well as identifying major ailments and provided patients with consultation and advice, as well as follow-up practices. We oversaw cases minor to major cases ranging from body pain and infections to severe malnutrition. All patients were given individual time and attention and all processes were thoroughly explained to them. Patients left feeling satisfied that their queries and concerns were addressed in a manner that was otherwise absent in their previous experiences.

We are grateful to the spirit of volunteerism embodied in the Doctors that dedicated their time and expertise to the people of the community. Our humblest thanks to Dr. Isha Singh Rathore, Dr. Anjali, Dr. Vipul Sidharth, Dr. Nilesh Sai, and Dr. Arunima for their expertise and spirit of volunteerism. A Special thanks to Jay Raj and Simranjeet for their volunteering their time and skills.